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Kit Wilkinson is a former Ph.D. student who once wrote discussions on the medieval feminine voice. She now prefers weaving stories of romance and redemption. Her first inspirational manuscript won the prestigious RWA Golden Heart and sold to a popular division of Harlequin. Her second novel, Sabotage, was nominated for a 2010 RT Reviewer’s Choice Award.

Fun Facts about Kit/me: 

I hail from: I’m from Savannah, GA, lived in Tennessee and Switzerland for many years, but I somehow keep coming back to Virginia. I consider that my home.

My most embarrassing moment: In high school, falling down an entire flight of steps and landing at the feet of the three hottest boys in the school. Dreadful.

Any pets? I love animals and currently have a very silly, kitten at home. I also ride horses whenever I have the opportunity. My kids beg for a puppy on a daily basis, but I’m trying to hold out until it makes more sense for us. Wish me luck!

The most important thing in your life: My faith and my family.

My favorite hideaway: Our beach house.

You will never see me: Doing nothing. I can relax but I still have to be doing something.

My hobbies are: Movies, Decorating, Cooking, Riding horses, being at the Beach.

You would never believe: That I was completely paralyzed for a short time just a few years ago, suffering from Guillian-Barre. Please see my special page just for GBS.

I started writing romance because: I’d studied books and literature for a very long time. I wanted to see if I could write one, instead of ripping it apart for analysis. I found that it’s much more fun to create. And much more difficult.

What is the most important element to a romance novel: I think readers want to fall in love with the hero and heroine. If they don’t like the characters, they won’t like the story.


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